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Mummy’s In Need founded in 2012 started with an urgent need. When Tayla Nasmith saw children around her without the basic necessities she knew she could help. Our facebook page was launched as a between platform for families and donators. It was a place where people in need could contact and we could source donations immediately and pass them straight on to meet the demand.

After just a few months Mummys In Need took off and became a platform meeting a huge demand and supporting around 50 families per month with 2 part time volunteers.

Years on, Mummys in need now works as a support agency for various midwives, social workers and other organisations helping roughly 150-200 babies per month with everything a child under the age of two would need.  

My Name Is Tayla And This Is My Story

Since I was twelve, I have had the burning desire to help others. 

This desire not only drove my parents crazy but it drove multiple projects such as donating pyjamas to Starship Children’s Hospital and organising truck loads of necessities to international communities and families impacted by the 2012 Philippines typhoon. 

My most recent project ‘Mummies In Need’, started with a big passion and one box of baby clothes. 

In 2012, I saw a need within the community and decided to approach my parents with an idea of helping young mothers who where not receiving basic support. By basic, I mean clothing, food, simple hygiene and equipment which are all important essentials to support healthy growth and early development.

This was the beginning of Mummy’s in Need.

Reality kicked in and the pressure of a young mum became more apparent when my older sister, aged sixteen, fell pregnant. 

I saw first hand how difficult it was to provide for a baby as a young, naive, scared  teenage mother. There was very little government support for basic resources, and with a newborn on the way, our family was stretched.

This gave me the strength to reach out to the community and ask for help on behalf of my sister and her new born baby. Slowly over time I began to realise that it wasn’t just my younger sister who needed support, but struggling mums throughout the community of all ages. 

My vision for Mummy’s in Need is to grow the organisation and its community of supporters into a credible resource for new and struggling mums. Our young organisation has proven beyond belief to be a community driven initiative that has changed the lives of new parents everywhere. 

Since I was twelve years old, I have had a drive to make a difference. 

With your support you will helping us make a difference for our next generation.






What we do

Mummys in need is a not for profit charity that recycles old baby clothes and gives them a new life by passing them on to a needy home. The first step of the system requires generous donors to pass on baby necessities. These items are then sorted, packed, organized and then passed on to their much needed homes.

Mummys in need also organizes meetups with the mums and focuses a lot on the aspect of community. This aspect of community is important to mummys in need as we feel it is important to connect our mums so that they never feel alone.

Mummys in need is very unique as we believe that no matter what stage you are at in life sometimes we all need a bit of help. We see so many parents falling through the gaps of other charities because they don’t fit the guide lines so we wanted to create a platform where anyone and everyone can get some help within reason.

“Mummys in need helped me with everything I needed when leaving a toxic relationship, without mummys in need I don’t know what I would have done”

Our Mission

To support young parents and parents in hardship by collecting and recycling all baby essentials. Driven by the opinion that every baby deserves a safe start to life. 

Our Vision

A future where every baby has the correct necessities to enter the world safely. A future where all families feel loved and cared for when they are experiencing hardship. A future where every baby is EQUAL.

Our Purpose

  • Our purpose is to relieve poverty by supplying people in hardship with baby items, emotional support, clothing, food and other necessities. 
  • We will advance the community by bringing people together using community spirit to help each other out when in need. People will be supported if they need it but people able to help will know how much we appreciate them.

Our Values

Mummys in need has a few key values we live by. We are a safe space where no judging ever happens.

Our biggest value is kindness, we believe it is essential for the world to go around. Kindness is important to us because we rely on the generosity of the community. 

Dignity is also important to us because we believe the families should feel worthy and appreciated. We want all our families to walk away with the highest level of dignity knowing they did what was right for their baby. 

Courage is important to us because we believe it takes a lot to ask for help. Having the  courage to step up and ask for help is something very important to us because we know it’s not easy. 

Equality is important to us because we are driven by equality. We believe every baby and every family deserves the same treatment and we intend to provide the same experience where possible to every single person that gets help via mummy’s in need. 

Sustainability is important to us because we understand how fast babies grow out of items and these can then be left unused or hardly touched. We are a platform for these items to be passed on and given a new life by recycling from one home to another.  

Mummy’s in need made my kids Christmas extra special and helped take all the Christmas stress away. Truly blessed and thankful <3

Who are we?

We are a not for profit charity with Tayla and Melanie on the forefront and many volunteers and community based support behind them.


Founder Tayla Nasmith established Mummy’s in need when she saw babies were not being provided with adequate necessities to aid their growth in the right ways. 

Tayla has vast experience with dealing with not for profit community drives including her pajamas for star ship appeal and her necessities for the Philippines drive when they had their massive 2012 typhoon. 

Tayla believes that every child deserves to be treated equally and this is what has driven her multiple projects. 

Melanie Nasmith is our operations manager. Melanie has continued to support mummys in need with her efforts of packing, delivering, admin and sourcing items. 

Melanie is a mum first and foremost so she understands the struggle our mums face, so she is there to provide emotional support for our mums.

Testimonials & Quotes

“Mummys in need was there for us when we needed it most”

“We admire the work mummys in need does when no one else can help them” 

“We had the best christmas thanks to mummys in need”

“Mummys in need gave me the ability to not stress about getting baby items” 

“Mummys in need helped me with everything I needed when leaving a toxic relationship, without mummys in need I don’t know what I would have done” 

“ You always help people in need”

Mummys in need gave me the ability to help my girls last week with some clothing , it has been a huge help for them. We are truly blessed from our hearts to have a local family providing items for mums in need, so thanks again ❤💜

Mummy’s in need made my kids Christmas extra special and helped take all the Christmas stress away. Truly blessed and thankful <3

Mummy’s in need gave me the ability to provide my baby boy with the best first weeks/months of his appearance with a majority of needs we both needed. Could not be more appreciated with all the help they are providing not only for myself but a lot more other families out there who are needing the support from these great ladies” 

“Mummy’s in need really helped my daughter out when she needed it most would, I would love to thank Tayla and Melanie for everything”.

“Mummy’s in need helped me in a way I could never forget.💯 There are no words to explain how grateful I am to have had mummy’s in need help me out” 💝

Mummy’s in need instills a sense of community when being a new mum feels daunting and like the loneliest job in the world.

“I have watched your work you have done many great things for people and mums and I’m sure the whole family ❤️ it’s hard enough sometimes bringing a little person into the world sometimes it can be completely overwhelming and I can say now you relieve a lot stress of so many young mother’s out there whom otherwise may of struggled”

you have personally helped my daughter and the support is amazing. considering she has been through a lot and with the help from you guys without judgment means a lot and makes her want to show everyone she has what it takes to get through this hard time 🙂 Thank you!”

“You have personally helped all of my kids, I love everything about mummys in need I don’t have a nb anymore but I buy ur raffles to help best I can if I was lucky enough I’d gift on keep on ur special path in life what u do is amazing ❤”

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